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Ophiopogon japonicus ''Nana''. Nana Dwarf Mondo Grass. Wide leaf blades; Bright blue berries; Slow spread. Category: Ornamental Grass; Hardiness Zone: This low-growing grass species keeps its green color all through the year and has a very low risk of pests. When it is actively growing, this mondo grass. Ophiopogon Japonicus Nana is also known as the Dwarf Mondo Grass. This dwarf variety, only half the size of others Mondo Grass species. Flat of 18 Dwarf Mondo Grass Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana' Dwarf mondo grass is a low-growing ground cover. It is smaller and more compact than Ophiopogon. Dwarf mondo is more closely cropped than regular mondo, growing only inches in height. This variety has no blooms and prefers a well-drained soil and full.

Bears small, pale lilac flowers on nodding stems, followed by clusters of blue berries. Mondo grass spreads slowly to form a dense, evergreen sod that is neat. Dwarf Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon japonicas 'Nana', is sometimes used as an alternative to turf when only very light foot traffic is expected. Similar to Regular Mondo Grass, this version grows only up to 3" making it absolutely perfect as a turf substitute. A reliable, hardy evergreen with thin. Dwarf Mondo Grass #1 Pickup available at Presidio St. Usually ready in 24 hours. View store information. This is the dwarf variety of Mondo Grass. It stays very small and grows at an extremely slow pace which is perfect for a border plant along a walkway. Product Details. Dwarf Mondo Grass is a dense herbaceous evergreen perennial grass with a mounded form. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other. Black Mondo grass is a clumping perennial grass that is extremely easy to care for. Be sure to plant your Mondo grass in growing zones 5 to This plant grows. Introducing the stunning Dwarf Mondo Grass, also known as Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'. This plant is a true gem for any garden or indoor space. Big Blue Monkey Grass (Liriope Muscari 'Big Blue') 18 Pack in pot. $ $ Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon Japonicus 'Nana') Bulk Quantities. $ With slow growing foliage that eventually reaches a small maximum height of inches tall, you won't have to worry about this unique style of grass taking. Mondo Grass Dwarf Looking like a grass but really part of the Lily family, this clumping, evergreen perennial has tufts of grass like, green leaves from.

It only grows to about two to four inches and handles sun as well as shade, providing a green, plush cover. In the Founders' Garden, the Dwarf Mondo Grass is. Dwarf lilyturf, or mondo grass, is a broadleaf evergreen ground cover or ornamental grass in the asparagus family (Asparagaceae) and is native to Japan, Korea. The very unique Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nanus') is a short evergreen perennial with tufted grass-like dark green leaves. This variety of. check out. Close. Close. Dwarf Mondo Grass. Sale. $ Size. 1 Gallon (Young). 1 Gallon (Young) - $ USD. Quantity. − +. Place Order. Share. Mondo Grass is a classic border plant that is well-suited for borders or mass-planting. DWARF MONDO GRASS. Low growing evergreen. Growth pattern similar to species. Height 2"-3" Hardy zones Shade only in warmer zones. CALL FOR PRICE. Perfect for the miniature garden, fairy garden or the garden railroad! A favorite miniature grass that grows about 2" tall and slowly spreads on runners. Dwarf Mondo Grass 4". Open media 1 in modal · Dwarf Mondo Grass 4". Open media 2 in modal · Dwarf Mondo Grass 4". Open media 3 in modal. Mondo Grass can handle anywhere from part to full shade, and could even be put inside in terrariums or as a houseplant in low light conditions. Mondo Grass can.

Shop undefined Count Dwarf Mondo Grass in Tray in the Ornamental Grasses department at Lowe'ypoku-siddha.ru The Dwarf Mondo Grass is an evergreen grass-like. Consider taking a section of lawn, dividing it into quadrants, and alternating plantings of Nana with pebbles or annual flowers for a show-stopping display. For. Description Dwarf Mondo Grass maybe the shade lawn-free yard that you've been searching for. Plant dwarf mondo grass in filtered sun to shaded areas and don't. Dwarf Mondo Grass. Stunning, sleek, and unique. Dwarf Mondo Grass grows mounds of narrow, thin, dark-green foliage that makes an elegant groundcover. Create a. Dwarf Mondo Grass Dale was very professional and clear about how to order a big shipment of soil. The delivery was scheduled with only 24 hours notice but.

Ophiopogon japonicus (dwarf lilyturf, mondograss, fountainplant, monkeygrass; Japanese: リュウノヒゲ ryu-no-hige ("dragon's beard") or ジャノヒゲ ja-no-hige. Dwarf Mondo Grass is a dense herbaceous evergreen perennial grass with a mounded form. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other garden plants with. Overall, Ophiopogon japonicus nana 'Dwarf Mondo Grass' is an excellent choice for gardeners who are looking for a compact and easy-to-care-for plant that can. Buy Dwarf Mondo Grass - 18 Pack ( In. Pots) Low-Growing Evergreen Groundcover - Full Sun to Part Sun Live Outdoor Plant at ypoku-siddha.ru

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