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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (Basic) QTG QTG I-Series Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are economical, user-friendly, menu driven, and multi-functional. What is an ultrasonic thickness gauge? An ultrasonic thickness gauge is a device used to accurately measure the thickness of a given material, typically steel. Ultrasonic thickness gauge suited for a wide range of applications including measuring for corrosion in the oil and gas sector. Some Models in Stock. Starting. Model UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gage measures the thickness of a variety of materials. This dynamic ultrasonic thickness gauge is designed to measure the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials in critical situations that ordinary.

In most cases, an ultrasonic thickness gauge is used to determine the thickness of a material when the inspector only has access to one side of the part, such. Rental – REED R Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, " (mm) Model: RRENTAL ; Daily - $ USD. Weekly - $ USD. Monthly -. The ultrasound thickness gauge is a non-destructive method for assessing the thickness of a material, and it is widely used in various industries. Also, many. The Elcometer Ultrasonic Material Thickness Gauges have all the features and functionality necessary for measuring material thickness and velocity on virtually. Ultrasonic thickness gauges are often used to determine the thickness of a material where an inspector only has access to one side of the part, such as a pipe. When it comes to Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, you can count on Grainger. Supplies and solutions for every industry, plus easy ordering, fast delivery and. Ultrasonic Wall Thickness gauges for measuring the thickness of steel, cast iron and more. State of the art, digital ultrasonic thickness gauge is packed with features typically found on high end models only. This multi-functional ultrasonic. The Extech TKG is a Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge/Data logger. The compact, rugged meter allows for non-destructive thickness measurements. Ultrasonic thickness gauges determine the thickness of a sample by measuring the amount of time it takes the sound waves to travel through the. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges. Sort By.

The #UTEGEMTT2 can measure the thickness of metals, plastics, ceramics, glass and other ultrasonic wave-conducting materials with two parallel surfaces. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Industrial / Steel, Metals, Plastic, Glass, PVC, Pipes Thickness Gauge Meter – Range to inch| ” HD Color LCD | Auto. The 27MG basic ultrasonic thickness gauge is designed to accurately measure thickness from one side on internally corroded or eroded metal pipes and parts. It. Material thickness gauges. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge SAUTER TB US-RED · Measuring range: 1,5 mm. The new PHASE II UTG is a hand held microprocessor controlled ultrasonic thickness gauge specifically designed for measuring the thickness of metallic and. Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges. Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauges to measure the thickness of various materials from - 20 in / to mm. With years of using thickness gauges, if you need ultrasonic testing equipment, we can provide the ideal ultrasonic thickness gauge. Industrial Imaging & Inspection - Thickness Gauges. Filter Products. All Extech TKG Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge/Datalogger with Color Waveform. This ultrasonic thickness gauge has an easy-to-read LCD display and is designed to measure the thickness of 10 preset materials. The TM features a built-in.

The Ultrasonic Thickness gauge is a measuring instrument used to measure the thickness & corrosion of metals, plastic, pipes and other. SHOP THICKNESS TESTERS. Ultrasonic Portable Thickness Tester A multi-functional thickness gage offering thru-coating capabilities. Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gauge for measuring thickness of steel and other materials. Ultrasonic thickness gauges for rent or hire on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Berg Engineering offers same-day shipping, free technical. NDT Systems' comprehensive thickness gauge offerings have proven to be very efficient and cost effective for customers. Whether you are measuring corrosion or.

Cygnus was founded in with an original product line for the NDT of ships' hulls. As well as a full range of ultrasonic thickness gauges, Cygnus now. The gauge then uses the speed of the pulse and the time taken to travel from one crystal to another (from pulse to echo), to calculate the thickness of the. This dynamic sonic gauge is designed to measure the thickness of metallic and nonmetallic materials such as steel, aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics, glass. Triplett UTG - Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge · Accuracy: thickness>” (10mm) ±(1% + ”/mm) · Warranty: 1 YEARS · Safety Approval: CE, RoHS · Interfaces. The Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is capable of measuring the thickness of a wide variety of materials, including composite substrates and laminates. UTG ultrasonic thickness gauge comes complete with Base Instrument, 5MHz Dual Sensor Straight Probe, 2oz Bottle of couplant gel, Data Output Software, USB.

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