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Average Cost Home Inspection

Home Advisor states that an average home inspection of a condo or home under square feet costs around $ while homes over 2, square feet costing over. home inspection or cutting corners on the inspection inspections at no extra cost to you. These are Their price was slightly below average but the service. Property inspection fees from a certified professional home inspector generally start just above $ Aside from the time invested, the value of the inspection. A typical re-inspection will run about an hour, although some can run longer if the list of required repairs is more extensive. Re-inspections are $/hr with. Average Cost Your average home inspection cost in Maryland is $ However, your average home inspection price ranges between $ and $ based on the size.

The current cost for a home inspection in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul market is between $$ Single-family homes are at the bottom of that range while a. A typical home inspection costs $, but that could be lower or higher, depending on how big and how old the home is. Call us at for a. Property managers review rates for home inspection companies in their area. The average home inspection costs $$ Factors such as home size, the age of. So with that said, a typical home inspection for the average 4 bedroom 2 bath 2, sq ft home can range from $ to $, depending on all of the factors. The typical home inspection cost is around $ According to the American Society of Home inspectors, a single-family home inspection takes about hours to. The average cost of a home inspection is between $ and $, and that's for the bare-bones visual home inspection. If you want to have your potential new. However, you can still get a decent home inspection report for less than $ In fact, the average cost of home inspection in most states is $ Various. In sunny SW Florida, the typical price for a standard inspection of a single-family home under 2, sq ft, falls within the $ to $ range. However, the. When hiring a reputable home inspection company in Middle Tennessee, expect to pay at least $ for the average 2, square-foot home, plus the cost of. The average cost for properties that are about square feet in size is $ – $ For those that are of – square feet, the cost can be from $ According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the average cost of home inspection is $ Costs vary depending on the region.

How Much is a Home Inspection in Ohio. The average cost of a home inspection can vary year to year and depends on the size of the house. You can expect a visual. We own a home inspection company in NY & CT. Average cost for a S/F runs $ not including radon, well or water tests. If a company. However, a typical house inspection in Atlanta can cost anywhere from three hundred to six hundred dollars. For bigger houses, the price can go up to $ Home Inspection Cost In Maryland · STARTING AT · $ · STARTING AT · $ · STARTING AT · $ · STARTING AT · $ Inspection Cost · Condo/Townhome: $ · Single Family Home: $ (up to 2, sq ft) · Single Family Home: $ (up to 3, sq ft) · Multi-Family Home ( units). Schedule of standard home inspection fees, and costs for special inspections. Advanced Inspection Service (AIS) - Dallas, TX () Based on our survey, for the average 3 bed, 2 bath US Home of sf, (with no additional services) you should expect to pay around $ for a home inspection. For condos and and small houses, you can get away with your home inspection for around $ for a base price, while homes over 2, square feet can cost. The industry standard is to charge ~$5 per square foot of the building being inspected. A 2,square-foot-home inspection would cost about $ The exact.

A home inspection in Phoenix, AZ costs an average of about $, with a typical range of between $ and $ For a very low square footage property, it. Most buyers looking at multi-family houses pay around $ to $ for a full inspection. The final total is based on the overall square footage and how much. average of $ for a typical home inspection. The term "overhead" is the fixed costs of operating your inspection business. Mary will mark up the cost of. How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost? The average cost of a home inspection in Florida is $, with a typical range of $$ This is for average sized. The national average home inspection cost in the United States is $ This national average is in line with the average cost of a home inspection in Florida.

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